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The Ultimate Fusion of Comfort and Functionality

Welcome to the world of Barndominiums, a unique blend of barn aesthetics with modern living amenities. At Texas Metal Contracting, we specialize in crafting these luxurious yet affordable living spaces tailored to your dreams and needs.

What is A Barndominium?

A Barndominium, often referred to as “Barndo,” is a fusion of a barn and a condominium. It’s a metal building that combines both living and storage space, offering a versatile solution for those who desire a non-traditional home. These structures have gained massive popularity in Texas and worldwide, especially for their streamlined construction process and extensive customization options.

Why Barndominium?

Why Choose a Barndominium?

Affordable Living

Barndominiums often come at a lower cost per square foot compared to traditional homes, offering huge savings without compromising on quality.

Speedy Construction

With our authentic building blocks and tools, the construction of Barndominiums is straightforward and faster than many other types of homes.


From the floor plans to the roof style, every element of a Barndominium can be tailored to your preferences.


Made of robust metal materials, Barndominiums are resistant to common threats like fire, mold, weather damage, and pests.

Energy Efficiency

With proper insulation and design, Barndominiums can be incredibly energy-efficient, leading to further savings on utility bills.

Our Barndominium Building Process


Design & Planning

Choose from our pre-designed floor plans or customize your own. Whether you desire a compact space or a massive living area with multiple bedrooms, we have solutions to fit every need.



Using top-quality metal and other materials, our experts ensure a speedy yet meticulous construction process.


Finishing Touches

From interior design elements to exterior finishes, we ensure your Barndominium feels like a dream home.

Get Started with Your Dream Barndominium

Ready to transform your living experience? Contact Texas Metal Contracting today and let our experts bring your Barndominium vision to life!

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Modern barndominium exterior near me

Like any home, Barndominiums have their considerations. Some may find the metal structure to have acoustical challenges, and customization might lead to increased costs.

It's essential to plan thoroughly, consider future needs, and ensure you work with trusted professionals like Texas Metal Contracting.

Yes, many financial institutions offer construction loans for barndominiums. It’s important to work with a lender familiar with this type of property to ensure a smooth financing process.